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Golden Rice

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About transgene: Genetic engineering technology covers a number of popular topics of current society. Not only the Golden Rice, but all genetically modified (GM) crops have become topics that are most related to people’s lives. Obviously, GM crops introduce new genes into its genome which do not exist in its own gene pool. Since there is still no reasonable model to indicate the impact of genetic engineering to the global ecology, people’s view of this pioneer technology easily divides into two opposite directions: to support and to oppose.

About Golden Rice: People’s debates about GM crops range from the effect of GM crops on human health and the environments to the role of GM crops in feeding the global population. Golden Rice also faces the same challenges, even though it has been studied for decades to prove its advantages. However, anti-GMO persons believe that the manual modification of a genome may lead to potential problems in the genetic diversity of crops. Besides Golden Rice, other food crops like sweet potato and green vegetables can also provide children with sufficient vitamin A. Francesco Branca, a WHO malnutrition expert, said that “Noting that it's unclear how many people will plant, buy, and eat golden rice, giving out supplements, fortifying existing foods with vitamin A, and teaching people to grow carrots or certain leafy vegetables are, for now, more promising ways to fight the problem.” On the other side, proponents argue that slight modification to current diets are needed if Golden Rice is extended successfully.


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