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Golden Rice

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How does Golden Rice works

History: Dr. Ingo Potrykus is a professor from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, working on improving the nutritional qualities of rice. Providing new food strategies against vitamin A deficiency was one of his projects. He planned to build a whole biochemical pathway of vitamin A synthesis in rice but no gene in the rice gene pool (all genes in all population of rice) was available. In 1992, he met Dr. Peter Beyer from University of Freiburg, who was studying the genetic regulation of the terpenoid pathway in daffodil. The genes isolated in Peter Beyer’s study include the ones Ingo Potrykus was looking for, so the idea of Golden Rice came out in a sudden. They came together and tried to induce exogenous enzymes genes (genes that are not included in rice’s gene pool) into rice genome (a set of genetic information in a rice plant) to complete the vitamin A synthesis pathway. Though this idea was unbelievable at that time, they finally approached their goal after 7 years of study. In 2000, their achievement was published in the journal Science . The following paragraphs in this section will explain how the Golden Rice was created.


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