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Golden Rice

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     Beta-carotene plays a key role for us because it can be converted to vitamin A after it is taken in. Vitamin A is a necessary nutrient for the visual and immune system, especially for children and pregnant women. The goal of the Golden Rice project was to give people a new resource of vitamin A and reduce deficiencies.

      Vitamin A deficiency: The original goal of the Golden Rice research is to fight against a global food issue, shortage of dietary vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency is more common in less developed areas because of the unbalanced food supply. It is estimated to be affecting about 130 million pre-school children and pregnant mothers (Fig 2). Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include Xerophthalmia, night blindness, or complete blindness. The deficiency can also kill children by impacting the immune system. Children suffering from vitamin A deficiency become weak against infectious diseases like measles.

      Golden Rice gives a possibility to provide people a new source of vitamin A, especially for those who can’t afford other high value resources of vitamin A.


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