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Golden Rice

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Figure sources

Figure 1

is a picture cited from old version of IRRI website. The following URL is the current version.

Contact: Matthew Morell  Email:

Figure 2


Figure 3

Golden Rice: Introducing the -Carotene Biosynthesis Pathway into Rice Endosperm by Genetic Engineering to Defeat Vitamin A Deļ¬ciency

J. Nutr. March 1, 2002 vol. 132 no. 3506S-510S

Contact: Peter Beyer Email:

Figure 4

Engineering the Provitamin A (β-Carotene) Biosynthetic Pathway into (Carotenoid-Free) Rice Endosperm

Science 14 January 2000 Vol. 287 no. 5451 pp. 303-305

Contact: Peter Beyer Email:

Figure 5

Agricultural biotechnology:  Gene exchange by designNature 10 February 2005 Vol. 433, no.7026 pp. 583-584

Contact: Stanton B. Gelvin Email:


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