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Golden Rice

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This article offers basic knowledge about the origination of Golden Rice, including some basic concepts of rice physiology and genetic. This article is aimed at helping college students, rice growers or market managers who have some biology background to understand what Golden Rice is.


Ying Ma and Deana Namuth-Covert

University of Nebraska Lincoln

In this article, the Golden Rice and related concepts will be explained for education purposes. Compared with some other crop science discoveries, such as three or two line system hybrid rice, Golden Rice is still new to a lot of people. Therefore, these goals will be covered in the following discussions:

1. Describe Golden Rice and some basic characteristics of this product.

2. Explain concepts about transgene techniques and distinguish transgene breeding from traditional breeding method.

3. Explain the current developments of The Golden Rice.

4. Describe basic concepts of transgene techniques used in developing Golden Rice.


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