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Analysis of Augmented Block Design Using R Part 2: Analyzing Treatments as Fixed Effects

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The R Script: New Treatments as Fixed Effect

It is now time for us to write the R script to fit the linear mixed model to the data.  We are assuming that we will treat the Entries as fixed effect. In this next video we demonstrate how we will fit the mixed model.  

Presentation on demonstrating "New Treatments as Fixed Effect" in R , by Ashu Guru, University of Nebraska Raikes School (7.5 mins)

[Download Video] (You may right click and save as)

Click here to download the source of the R script used in the talk

Click here to download an example data file that may be used along with the Script


Question : Close the R window and reopen and type the instruction:


Which of the following messages is NOT seen in R console as a result of the above instruction
 Loading required package: Matrix
 Loading required package: Rcpp
 Loading required package: lm 
 Loading required package: lme4





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