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Soil Genesis and Development, Lesson 2 - Processes of Weathering

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This lesson identifies the factors of weathering processes and how they influence soil formation.

2.0 - Credits and Tips

Martha Mamo
Associate Professor
Department of Agronomy and Horticulture
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

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Lesson Navigation Tips:
  • Lessons begin with one or more goals for learning and specific learning objectives.  Reading these goals and objectives should help you prepare to learn the material.
  • Lessons use a variety of materials – text, graphics, animations, presentations, and interactive questions – to help you learn.  Careful review of all these materials is recommended.
  • The navigation bar on the left of the screen facilitates movement within the lesson, simply click on the section of interest.  To move to a different lesson within this set, click on Soil Genesis and Development. 
  • Click on highlighted words within the text to view a definition, image, or additional information that correlates with this lesson.
  • Click once on images to see enlarged versions.
  • Click on image icons to view animations.
  • The Quiz links found on the final unit of this lesson are not active.  This lesson uses an interactive approach, embedding questions in each section rather than a quiz.
  • Other interactive on-line lessons pertaining to soil genesis and development can be accessed by clicking on the “Soil Genesis and Development” link under “Explore by Topic'.

This lesson was developed by Martha Mamo, Timothy Kettler, and Dennis McCallister at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Jim Ippolito  Research Soil Scientist
USDA-ARS-NWISRL, Kimberly, Idaho, formerly at Colorado State University; Ron Reuter at Oregon State University; Christoph Geiss at Trinity College-Connecticut; and William Zanner at the University of Minnesota. Development of this lesson was supported by the National Science Foundation Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement Program (NSF-CCLI), Award Number DUE-0042603. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the view of NSF.


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