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Corn Rootworm - Part 2: Corn Rootworm Management

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Other Considerations for CRW Control

There are other things to consider when managing corn rootworm besides choosing the proper control method. These things include managing for the possibility of using seed-applied insecticides and the safety and handling of insecticides.

Seed Applied Insecticides

Another way of applying insecticide to combat early season insect problems is to plant seed coated with insecticide. With this type of treatment, the seed is coated with insecticide before being put into the seed bag. Some products that are currently available as seed treatments include Gaucho®, PrescribeTM, Force® ST, and Cruiser® (Pilcher, 2003).

Safety and Handling of Insecticides

 Fig. 3:  Example of personal protective equipment needed when applying insecticides (USDA)

The safety and handling procedures of insecticides are important to prevent potentially harmful situations. In general, it is important to wear chemically resistant gloves, a long sleeved shirt and pants (and possibly a spray suit), and water resistant shoes when preparing and applying insecticides. In some cases a respirator may also be required. With any insecticide it is mandatory that the label be followed.  For specific safety procedures pertaining to each insecticide, carefully read the label.


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